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Rooftop waterproofing

Rooftop waterproofing with Mapelastic-Tiles

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Mapelastic is a two-component, highly elastic (>2mm crack bridging) cementitious mortar which is applied using a trowel before laying tiles to ensure long-term waterproofing of the rooftop building.

Rooftop, verandah and balcony waterproofing is necessary even when the tiles are laid as the final layer. Tiles do not constitute a waterproofing layer and are not able to protect against moisture problems.

Tile laying offers a aesthetic result and unlimited walkability, so that the rooftop building can be used by the occupants for recreational purposes.

Application method:

  • Any loose mortar is removed and the surface is cleaned.

  • Inclinations are created with fibre-reinforced mortar, so that water does not pool and flow to the drains.

  • The mortar is prepared to a thickness of approximately 5 cm and is the pour and boxed in Vertex G 120 mesh.

    • Mortar composition: 300 kg cement per cubic metre, sand, polypropylene fibres and set retarder.
      Reinforcement: Vertex G 120, with large opening 40x40mm which is used to strengthen cement mortar layers by replacing traditional steel building mesh.
  • Once the cement mortar has set and dried - time wise it depends on weather conditions - special rubber waterproofing pieces are installed in the joints and wherever else needed.

  • The first layer of the Mapelastic drying mortar is then applied with a trowel and while wet, the Mapenet 150 glass fibre mesh (reinforcing protective waterproofing layer) is inserted. When the first layer is dries, the second Mapelastic layer is applied.
    Waterproofing is extended up the parapet for about 20 cm, it order to create a waterproofed basin.
    Overall Mapelastic consumption: 5 kg/m2

  • Laying of high-density tiles with Keraflex Maxi S1 (C2-TE-S1) white elastic adhesive.

  • Tiles are grouted using the water repelling grout, Keracolor GG, and application of a polyurethane mastic, Hyperseal 50 FC or Sikaflex 11 FC, where needed.


  • For long life, we recommend the thermal adhesion of the Cosmodien bituminous sheet (SBS), weight 4 kilos, with a talc upper layer and elasticity at -20°C on the initial slab, i.e., before the cement mortar. This is a double-waterproofing method.

  • If thermal insulation is needed, it can be installed before the cement mortar.  

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The benefits of insulating rooftop buildings with Mapelastic:

  • Offers long-term waterproofing.

  • Mapelastic adheres perfectly to cement mortar and is completely compatible with ceramic tiles, tessera and natural stone (certified according to the standard EN 1504-2 and EN 14891).

  • Mapelastic, in the form of a 2 mm membrane, can cover cracks that have a width of more than 2 mm.

  • Exceptional mechanical strength is achieved with the addition of reinforcement.

  • Offers vapour permeability.

  • It maintains its elasticity in very low temperatures -20°C

  • It is resistant to UV rays.

Customer reviews for our Rooftop Waterproofing

39 Reviews
Exceptional result...
Exceptional result. Professionals in their field.
Charalampos Symeonidis
26 Jul 2021
A reliable company...
A reliable company, consistent with the written agreement which was followed to a tee. They was also willing to resolve small technical difficult which were my concern. Experienced work crew and Mr. Goumas was always willing to answer any queries that arose while carrying out the job. I was left with a great impression and a written warranty after the job was finished. I recommend him.
Lily Achriani
17 May 2021
Understanding of the problem...
In June 2020, insulation and waterproofing were applied to a strained rooftop without major damages mostly wear and tear due to time and lack of basic waterproofing. After a hot summer and a winter that had it all (rain, low temperatures, snow) I believe that the quality of the work the Mr Giannis described was successful. The good impression from start to finish and the choice is professionalism, understanding of the problem for the best solution, the speed of carrying out the job, training, experience and finally his bona fide word and work. This is also a company that has been around for years and this indicates an active presence and control of the work in the long term. Thank you very much.
17 Mar 2021
Excellent work...
Excellent work, price-quality relationship (warranty for work) and service. I felt the maintenance costs were excessive (250 - 300 Euro). Very good experience overall.
Mihail Tokmakidis
02 May 2018

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