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In Greece, millions of square metres of insulated surfaces are re-insulated every year! This is due to poor workmanship and the choice of materials. Because there are no professional schools from where professional insulation technicians can graduate, more often than not the success of an insulation has to do with a stroke of luck and not the choice and application based on specifications and approved systems as defined by competent scientific agencies such as ELOT, DIN, ESYD, etc. 

However, these specifications have not been set by international and Greek agencies on a whim. 

They have been created based on extensive testing carried out on each product in order to ensure their quality and, in essence, the consumer himself. What the rest of Europe and other economically developed countries consider the norm, i.e., using specific applications or standards, this, unfortunately, is almost unheard of Greece.

As a result, consumers choose at random without being able to compare with little chance of success. This choice is based on criteria of economically (how cheap they are) controversial warranties, which quite often, exceed the life expectancy and in fact multiplied!  For example, for work with a time horizon of 4 years, a warranty of 10 years is given.

We, at GOUMAS, respect our customers (engineers, manufacturers and individuals) and with long-term cooperation rather than quick profit in mind, we apply approved insulation systems, so that based on their specifications we can ensure, in action and not only in words, the best and highest quality work. 

Our warranties correspond and specify real and not imaginary life spans. They are only given for systems which are accompanied by specifications according to ELOT, DIN, EN or other official agency. We are certified insulation technicians, with a accreditation from the most reputable accreditation bodies in the world, DIN (German Industrial Standards) (Deutschland Industrial Norma), ESYD (Hellenic Accreditation System).

We are pleased because we have built a company based on European standards and honest communication with our customers, which is not an advertising slogan, but real and significant for the purpose of our corporate mission!

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