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Rooftop thermal insulation

Rooftop thermal insulation with polyurethane


Polyurethane is usually recommended for the thermal insulations of pitched roofs, e.g., sheet metal constructions, striated roofs, etc., or for older constructions because it is lightweight. It is  sprayed on and adheres perfectly to any structural material. It provided excellent thermal and noise insulation.

Polyurethane can be applied to any surface, regardless of the inclination or curvature and dries within seconds.

Application method:

  • Cleaning of the entire surface, smoothing out of the area and removal of various loose mortar.

  • Application of Aquadur, a two-component epoxy primer to the entire surface and the edges up to a height of 15 cm.

  • Spraying of rigid foam polyurethane by Bayer (Bayer_Spray® 205), density 40 kg/m3, average thickness of 3 cm. The spraying is done in consecutive layers (1-1.5 cm/layer) on the same day. The system is raised to about 20 cm around the parapet.

  • Application of Aquadur, a two-component epoxy primer to the entire thermal insulated surface and the edges up to a height of 18 cm with excellent anchoring of the polyurethane paint that follows.

  • Application of polyester textile (Trevira) at vulnerable areas for reinforce the waterproofing.

  • Application of two coats of Hyperdesmo Classic polyurethane waterproofing membrane with 800% elasticity and a total consumption of 1.5 kg/m2 for complete waterproofing.


  • To further reinforce the insulation, the application of a coat of Hyperdesmo A500, an aliphatic polyurethane fluid is recommended.

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The benefits of insulating rooftop buildings with polyurethane:

  • The rooftop insulation with polyurethane adheres perfectly to all building materials.

  • It provides uniform thermal insulation without joints.

  • It offers energy efficiency of up to 65%.

  • It is lightweight (4 kg/m2) and can even be applied to houses without columns.

  • It has a very low thermal conductivity coefficient λ=0.028 W/mK. This means that a small thickness is required to achieve the required insulation. The impacts of the climatic effects (hot, cold) are significantly reduced. 

  • The final surface is completely waterproofed and protected from UV radiation.

  • It is affordable and the construction cost is amortised within five years.

Customer reviews for our Thermal Insulations

42 Reviews
Exceptional result...
Exceptional result. Professionals in their field.
Charalampos Symeonidis
26 Jul 2021
Understanding of the problem...
In June 2020, insulation and waterproofing were applied to a strained rooftop without major damages mostly wear and tear due to time and lack of basic waterproofing. After a hot summer and a winter that had it all (rain, low temperatures, snow) I believe that the quality of the work the Mr Giannis described was successful. The good impression from start to finish and the choice is professionalism, understanding of the problem for the best solution, the speed of carrying out the job, training, experience and finally his bona fide word and work. This is also a company that has been around for years and this indicates an active presence and control of the work in the long term. Thank you very much.
17 Mar 2021
Punctual, quality work...
Punctual, quality work, everything we agreed on was carried out, and our collaboration was great. We strongly recommend him.
Theodoros Mathioudakis
08 Mar 2021
The work level is very good...
So far (2nd year), the insulation that was installed on our rooftop is in very good condition. I believe that the work level is very good and if no moisture appears in the third-fourth year, then the work level will be bumped up to Excellent.
Giannis Mitseas
12 Nov 2020

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