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Wall insulations

Internal Thermal Insulation


Internal thermal insulation of the walls involves the installation of thermal insulation to the inside of all vertical interior walls, beams, columns and the ceiling of the building. Internal thermal insulation is usually chosen when external thermal insulation of the surface is not feasible, mainly due to being inaccessible.

It is possible for internal thermal insulation to be installed only on problem surfaces, e.g., northern wall of a house, thus significantly reducing the constructional cost.

Application method:

  • The first stage involves the installation of a metallic frame on the surface to be insulated using metallic anchors.

  • This is followed by the insertion of 5 cm thick mineral wool or stone wool inside the metallic frame to achieve thermal insulation of the wall.

  • The entire length and width of the surface is then lined with 1.2 cm thick Knauf waterproofed gypsum boards.

  • Lastly the gypsum boards are grouted. A self-adhesive mesh drywall joint tape is adhered and putty is applied.


  • If internal thermal insulation is place beneath the slab (i.e., on the ceiling) of the last floor, it is recommended that stone wool with a vapour barrier (aluminium sheet) on its lower surface.

  • Based on national standards, it is recommended that fire-resistant gypsum boards are optionally placed on the ceilings.

  • For better noise insulation, the metallic frame can be inserted on placed and a visco elastic membrane can be applied in combination with second gypsum board.

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Internal thermal insulation has the following advantages:

  • With the installation of internal thermal insulation, the thermal insulation results are instantaneous, since the thermal insulation is position before the structural elements, resulting in the interior of the building heating up faster in winter and cooling easier in summer.

  • The thermal insulation material is not exposed to the elements and climate changes, thus it does not require special protection.

  • Given that all the internal thermal insulation works take place inside the building, it can be done any time of the year, regardless of weather conditions.

  • It does not change the appearance of the building given that no work is done on its exterior.

  • It does not have an expiry date because the insulation is inside the building.

  • Other than the require thermal insulation, the insulation materials (mineral wool & gypsum boards) also offer noise insulation.

  • It is affordable and the construction cost is amortised within five years.

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Professionalism and politeness...
My family home was insulated by the company Goumas in spring. The result is extraordinary. The conduct of the home changed completely. Great cooperation with the company. Experience and services from its people and everything we agreed on was carried through. Mr Goumas’ company is characterised by professionalism and politeness.
Marios Katsoulis
07 Jul 2021
They left the area clean...
Having extremely bad experience from previous “technicians” I decided to seek a company via referrals and the internet for the waterproofing of my parents’ home. Goumas insulations came recommended and they won me over by their detailed site and the warranty they provide for their work. After contacting them, I received a detailed offer and time schedule. I am extremely pleased with their work which was on point regarding the cost when had agreed on and their professionalism made my mother not believe her eyes. It is worth mentioning that other than the excellent result, they left the area clean and completed the works ahead of time. I strongly recommended them and thank them for their excellent collaboration.
Konstantinos Christopoulos
21 Nov 2020
Their work is exceptional...
We collaborated with Mr. Goumas in May 2019 for the insulation of an apartment rooftop and the internal thermal insulation of the ceiling as part of the “Home savings” programme. Our collaboration was impeccable in every aspect and Mr. Goumas and his work crew are amazing professionals and thank them all very much. Their work is exceptional and I strongly recommend them for every type of insulation.
Eirini Karanika
12 Nov 2020
Quick service...
Legitimate, with quick service and friendly communication. I hope he maintains his reliability.
Nikos Boursinos
14 Nov 2018

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