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Rooftop waterproofing

Rooftop waterproofing with Hyperdesmo


Hyperdesmo is a one-component, spreadable, elastic polyurethane-based, fast curing, thick layer membrane. It consists of a pure elastomeric hydrophobic polyurethane resin plus special inorganic fillers, which result in excellent mechanical, chemical, thermal, UVA - UVB and natural element resistance properties. Because of its unique composition, it cures quickly and forms a rigid and waterproofing membrane with strong adhesion to many types of surfaces.

Application method:

  • Remove all loose mortar, clean the surface and smooth out with cement grinder.

  • Clean the surface using a 200 bar high-pressure washer and special robotic machine. 

  • Fill joints or cracks with polyurethane mastic Hyperseal 50 FC or Sikaflex 11 FC.

  • Apply Aquadur, a two-component epoxy coating or Universal Primer 2K-4060, a two-component polyurethane coating to the entire surface and the edges for a height of up to 18 cm, to achieve excellent anchorage of the polyurethane system.

  • Install the reinforcement, Geotextile 50 Pressed, a polyester textile, to vulnerable areas, where necessary, to reinforce the insulation.

  • Application of two coats of Hyperdesmo Classic polyurethane membrane with 800% elasticity and a total consumption of 1.5 kg/m2 to 1.8 kg/m2 for complete waterproofing.

  • The insulation is further reinforced by applying a coat of Hyperdesmo-A 500 or Ady-E fully aliphatic polyurethane fluid to increase resistance to solar radiation and protect the paint.


  • To achieve the maximum result in the long run, even in the most demanding conditions, we recommend total reinforcement with the Geotextile 50 Pressed membrane on the entire surface.

  • For better walkability, it is recommended that ADY-E with colour and quartz sand is applied to the entire surface and a second ADY-E coat is applied.

Not recommended for:

  • Loose substrates like lightweight concretes (perlite, foamed concrete, etc.).

  • Waterproofing of swimming pool surface that come in contact with chemically treated water.

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The benefits of insulating rooftop buildings with Hyperdesmo:

  • Offers long-term waterproofing.

  • Has excellent adhesion to concrete.

  • Cures quickly, i.e., it creates final film in two hours.

  • Offers vapour permeability

  • Is resistant to hydrolysis, microorganisms and chemicals.

  • It forms a continuous waterproofing membrane without joints.

  • It is extremely resistant to UV radiation as well as thermal and mechanical strains.

  • The white colour reflects the sun and in the summer months reduces the building’s interior temperature by 3oC to 5oC.

Customer reviews for our Rooftop Waterproofing

38 Reviews
Consistency, immediate service...
Both I as the super of a 6-story apartment building with 20 apartments and all the occupants have been left with the best impressions from Goumas insulations for the excellent insulation and waterproofing of the balconies and the rooftop.  Consistency, immediate service, very good quality materials!  We strongly recommend Goumas insulations.
Christina Tzouvala
19 Jul 2016
One of the best insulation companies...
One of the best insulation companies in Greece. With years of experience in the insulation field, very good service and very organised staff. The results were exceptional! We thank Mr Goumas because he got rid of our rooftop problem for good! Strongly recommended. !
Synodinos Chiou
04 Oct 2018
Impeccable work crew...
Very good work, impeccable work crew. The company ‘Ioannis Goumas’ is one of the best of its kind. He waterproofed the rooftop of our apartment building and everyone was satisfied. I thank him and his staff very much.
22 Jan 2018
Always available for his customers...
Mr Goumas is not only an expert in insulations, a professional with excellent results, he is also extremely helpful and always available for his customers. In short, if you want to insulate any area, rooftop, building, etc., and get rid of your problem forever, look no further.
Kostas Karogiannis
02 Oct 2018

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