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Thermography - Thermographic Testing


Thermography is an extremely specific method: A temperature difference of at least 10°C  is required between the exterior and interior area (natural or forced), and the heat transfer conditions need to be a steady as possible.

By ensuring or creating these conditions, we are able to calculate the insulation performance of a wall, rooftop or a rooftop building by calculating the heat flow between the interior of a room and the exterior surface of a wall or rooftop building.

In steady heat transfer conditions, the heat that flow towards the wall, also flows through the wall.

Thermography receives the radiation that all bodies emit in the UV spectrum (via a thermal camera) and converts it into an image with fake colours so it is perceived by the human eye.

Further analysis of the thermal images with specific computer programs, provide us with accurate temperature measurements in the areas of interest, so that we can identify problems that were hidden or to perform an energy assessment. 


One of the many advantages of a thermography is that it is non-destructive.

Thermography is useful in the following circumstances:

  • Moisture detection

  • Water inflow on the rooftop

  • Water inflow on the masonry

  • Detection of leaks in the building’s plumbing

  • Detection and testing of boxed pipes

  • Testing of electrical equipment

  • Testing of mechanical equipment

  • Testing of insulation completeness

  • Testing of insulation performance

  • Testing of air circulation

  • Testing of air leaks

  • Depiction of energy losses in thermal images

  • Energy efficiency after the repair of damages that were detected or after the thermal insulation of the rooftop, internal or external thermal insulation (thermal facade).

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