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Why choose us

  • We have been active in the insulation field since 2002, therefore we have the experience to responsibly and consistently carry through every insulation, waterproofing, thermal insulation and thermal façade project.

  • Because the technicians that visit your space are all qualified and regularly attend educational and training seminars that are held by the leading insulation material manufacturers and accredited government agencies for the most up-to-date development in materials and new applications. That said, they are able to recommend the best possible solution every time.

  • Because we comply with the most modern standards, but are not impersonal. Giannis Goumas himself is present at every project and with his continuous technical comments to the work crew, he sets the bar for high-quality and guaranteed work.

  • Because the insulation materials that we use for insulations and rooftop insulations are the best on the market and those that have been agreed on and are stated in our quote.

  • Because the certifications and technical characterises of the insulation materials that we use are always stated. This gives the customer the opportunity to check and compare them by choosing the best quality.

  • Because we have modern, privately-owned state-of-the-art equipment such as a foamed concrete pumping machine, a thermographic camera (fluke), a 200 bar high pressure washer, concrete grinders, industrial sweepers, laser distance metre, moisture metre, etc.

  • Because we pay our staff well resulting in correct and diligent work.

  • Because the warranty that we give is real and founded, contrary to other companies that are unable to cover the warranty that they offer, and in a number of years are out of business.

  • Because we stand by our customers even after the project is finished; we are ready to provide our services, our guidance and our advice on any insulation-related issue that may concern them.

  • Because our prices are competitive due to a large work volume.

Probably the only ones

who give a real guarantee for the insulations we install.


We are 1 of 100 members

of the Panhellenic Association of Insulation Companies.


We are 1 of 23

certified insulation companies.


Certified Insulation

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