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Rooftop waterproofing

Rooftop waterproofing with bituminous sheets


The rooftop insulation with bituminous sheet, combines affordability, adequacy and reliability. Bituminous sheets are sold and widely applied at reasonable prices and the waterproofing that they provide is reliable and maintains its functionality for many years (up to 25 years).

Application method:

  • Diligent cleaning of the entire surface; intervention at problem areas with topical repairs and removal of loose mortar or old waterproofing.

  • Coating with asphalt varnish Primer (asphalt adhesive) along the entire length and width of the surface. This varnish increases the adhesion of the bituminous membrane to the under layer and helps to prevent the membrane from peeling off at the edges.

  • This is followed by the thermal adhesion of the Dien Energy ++ bituminous sheet, superior quality, (SBS), weight6 kgs, with an upper layer ofwhite mineral tile, and elasticity at -20 °C and  180 gr spun bond polyester reinforcement. The thermal adhesion of the bituminous sheet to the primed under layer is done using a professional open-flame torch. The bituminous sheets are adhered in parallel to one another in order to ensure that water flows freely. The overlapping of the bituminous sheets in 10 centimetres lengthwise and at least 15 centimetres at the ends. During adhesion, the overlapping bituminous sheets are pressed lightly until the fusion of the material emerges at the joint; this is evidence that the adhesion of the bituminous sheets has been sealed. We extend 18 to 20 centimetres up the parapet and on occasion we cover the entire parapet. Specially-shaped bituminous sheet pieces are placed on solar panels, tanks, pipe sleeves, downspouts, pipes, as well as all the vulnerable points.

  • The insulation is reinforced with the application of an elastic polyurethane sealant (Hyperdesmo PB1K), at all the points where the continuation of the bituminous sheets is interrupted (e.g., pipe sleeves, railings, tank or boiler base frames, etc.) and at the areas where the bituminous sheets meet the parapet or wall. This method essentially eliminates any chance of failure of the bituminous sheet, despite the strain it is under. 


  • Based on national standards, a second layer of bituminous sheet which is installed parallel to the first layer with a 50 cm shift is optionally recommended for further reinforcement of all roof top insulations.

  • In the case of a parapet, it is optionally recommended that the edges of the bituminous sheets are fixed to the vertical surfaces with aluminium rods. Galvanised nails and washers are used for fixing these sheets.

  • Tiles can be laid for complete walkability.

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The benefits of insulating rooftop buildings with bituminous sheets:

  • Rooftop waterproofing with bituminous waterproofing sheets offers 100% protection against rain water.

  • It follows the expansions and contractions of the insulated surface because elastomeric bituminous sheets (SBS) are used.

  • Bituminous sheet adhere perfectly to all building materials.

  • It is affordable and the construction cost is amortised thanks to its longevity.

  • It offer energy efficiency because it increases the thermal insulation performance of the building materials since there is no moisture. 

  • It can be safely applied all year round.

Customer reviews for our Rooftop Waterproofing

68 Reviews
Simply excellent...
Mr. Goumas was recommended by an acquaintance. The project involved waterproofing the rooftop of a 1955 building in the centre of Athens. There were many objective difficulties. Communication was polite, pleasant and professional. The implementation schedule was quick and based on the needs of the building. The work crew was professional, consistent and quiet. Payment was based on the occupants’ abilities. The result is simply excellent even one year after the completion of the project. I strongly recommend ‘Goumas Modern Insulation Systems’.
Spyros Farlopoulos
15 Jul 2021
I strongly recommend him...
I installed thermal insulation and waterproofed the rooftop of my home in November 2020. After such winter with so much rain and snow, I notices a great difference. I have had any problem till now. My collaboration with Mr. Goumas was very good. Punctual, responsible, his work crew was excellent at their work and everything was done under his and his engineer’s supervision. I strongly recommend him.
Konstantinia Fintzou
12 Apr 2021
No more moisture...
No more moisture! Very careful work. Excellent professionals! 
Athina Sarri
17 Nov 2020
Our opinion is very good...
We do not have any problem so far, our opinion is very good.
P. Kalfakakou
12 Nov 2020

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