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The advantages of thermal façade

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The advantages of thermal façade

The advantages of thermal façade

Thermal façade or external thermal insulation is the thermal insulation placed on the walls of the building. It is an insulation that creates a protective shell around your home and protects its from climatic conditions.

In Europe and the rest of the world, thermal façades have successfully been installed for the last fifty years. In Greece, construction and technical companies delayed following this modern building method and its value has only been recognised in recent years.

Its installation is now a prerequisite in new constructions and it is considered to be the only reliable thermal protection solution in existing buildings with inadequate or no thermal insulation. Thermal façade is superior to the traditional method of thermal insulation in walls (double brick wall with insulation material in between), and to internal thermal insulation (thermal insulation material on walls and gypsum boards).

The most significant thermal façade benefits include:

  • Thermal insulation is complete

The thermal insulation material is installed to the entire exterior, without thermal bridges being created at the building’s critical points (beams, column, etc.)

  • We take full advantage of the thermal capacity of the walls

In the winter months, the heat that is generated by the heaters is stored in the masonry and is radiates back to the interior of the building. This method saves energy and your residence stays warm after the heating is turned off. 

Adversely, in the summer months the thermal strain on the walls is eliminated, there by drastically reducing the need for air conditioning.

  • Protects structural elements from moisture

External insulation creates an additional protection layer to all your home’s wall against the elements. Rain and moisture come across an impenetrable barrier, as the final paint coatings used are water repellent or even waterproof. At the same time, it does not allow the formation of vapour condensation, which would lead to the development of mould and algae, on the building’s interior or inside the wall.

  • Constructionally speaking, you save more than 5% in square meterage

The surface area of the building’s interior is not reduced given that the installation of the thermal façade is permitted outside the surface area of the existing building or the surface area to be constructed.

  • Zero nuisance of occupants

In the case of existing buildings, it can be installed without affecting the occupants’ daily lives, because the works take place on the exterior of the building.

  • Façades are revamped

Following the installation, the exterior of your home appears revamped. For the final surface, you can choose between different textures and countless shades that satisfy even the most demanding customer. The colours withstand the test of time and the walls are protected from cracking.

At the same time, it is possible to form grooves and rounded edges, to apply to arches and to install frames, lightweight tiles, etc., thus giving you architectural freedom.

  • Energy efficiency

Proper installation of the thermal façade leads to more than 50% savings in power (cooling, heating) as well as oil or natural gas. The overall cost of the initial investment can be amortised in a 5-year period. This period is significantly reduced, in areas with more extreme climate fluctuations.


Thermal façade is the best defence weapon to protect your household and your family. With years of experience and constant engagement in the field, we are ready to present you with a tailored plan which will meet all of your needs. Our work crew will the installation is done properly so that the result is excellent and has a lifespan of several decades.

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