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Thermal insulation or waterproofing of my rooftop?

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Thermal insulation or waterproofing of my rooftop?

Thermal insulation or waterproofing of my rooftop?

How to quickly and effectively address a moisture problem in your home

Moisture is one of the biggest problems that almost all home face, especially in cold winter days. It is the modern nightmare of many households, which although they spend a significant amount on heating, cannot heat their homes, with moisture exacerbating the problem. Moisture penetrates the skin, the fibres of clothes, it freezes bed covers and sheets while penetrating walls; it causes severe damage to the render, makes the ceilings drip and forms mould.

But where does moisture come from and how can someone get rid of it immediately and radically? As said by wise people “a fish rots from the head down” and in the case of the moisture, the root of the problem is on the rooftop. Both rooftop waterproofing and the thermal insulation can give drastic solutions, with the first option removing moisture and mould and the second keep the home warm in winter and cool in summer.

  • Yellow or white marks

Moisture never goes unnoticed since it makes its presence known, by sounding the alarm both for your health and for that of your home. Many times, a rooftop which is not waterproofed results in yellow or white marks appearing on walls, which peel off and lose their colour. A small downpour is all that is needed for the problem to present itself. A crack on the building’s rooftop is enough for water to start dripping inside your home.

Proper rooftop waterproofing can shield your home against moisture. The choice of the appropriate materials and their proper application on the rooftop creates a safety net that keeps moisture at bay when it rains. GOUMAS offers integrated waterproofing services and keep moisture away. Besides, we should not overlook the fact that all recent research shows the negative effects on human health both from mould and moisture, which makes its removal imperative.

  • Green or black marks

 Rain is not the only culprit for moisture. The change in temperature and the vapour condensation can also contribute to the presence of moisture and mould, thus thermal insulation being inevitable. A home that suffers from defective or no thermal insulation needs immediate attention. Green or black marks on the walls is evidence that there is a problem with the home’s thermal insulation, while on many occasions due to poor workmanship during the incorrect placement of insulating materials, the joints on the building’s rooftop are visible. On cold winter days, when we use heating, the problem is intensified causing droplets to be formed in the ceiling.

Unfortunately, incorrect thermal insulation is not visible instantaneously. It is perceived when a home which should be heated... is not. These are cases where a household spends exorbitant amounts for its heating, does not feel this heat in the home so in effect it has wasted money on oil or power, when this amount and more could be saved. Thermal insulation which is properly installed can solve your problems and save you money since it ensures a warm home in winter and cool home in summer. You can ask the experts in the GOUMAS Technical Department for solutions for your home’s correct and effective thermal insulation. 

  • Immediate solution

Both thermal insulation and waterproofing can quickly resolve the moisture problem in a home. New buildings usually combine both methods for the best result. In case of older homes, the root of the problem needs to be sought in order for the most effective solution to be found: Thermal insulation, waterproofing or a combination of both methods (when the problem is complex). If a home has waterproofing but not thermal insulation, it is initially recommended that the present condition of the building is improved followed by the application of integrated thermal insulation, which will fully shield the home. The same applies when a building has thermal insulation, but no waterproofing. In both cases, GOUMAS is able to give you immediate and drastic solution, thereby transforming your home into a fortress against moisture and mould.

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